Learning to write good

Writing emails and blog posts is hard, at least it is for me at the moment.

It’s funny, whenever I need to write up a sales page or VSL script, I can write effectively and often pound out some pretty darn effective copy in a few days (and sometimes just a few hours). My copy has proven to have great conversions, and yet writing a short, sweet, effective email (or blog post) is like trying to summon blood from a stone.

I just don’t really like talking about myself!

For hours I’ll stare blankly at the editor, eventually banging out something mediocre at best, read it over again and promptly hit the ‘delete’ key in disgust. I just saved the world from another piece of bad content, well done Michael!

Why can’t I write? I keep telling myself that it’s simply a lack of imagination, though recently I’ve started thinking this isn’t the case. Most emails I read from great email marketers aren’t particularly imaginative, nor do they have drastically more interesting lives to discuss than my own. The problem is simply that I can’t write, because I don’t write enough, or at least often enough about myself.

I used to enjoy writing when I was younger, but years of report writing really took it’s toll…

So, it’s time to change that.

Starting today, I’ll be writing a minimum of two pieces of content (email and/or blog post) per week. One on or before Wednesday, one on or before Saturday.

Some of it’ll be awseome, some of it’ll really suck. But, it’ll get better over time.

Let the games begin…

PS. This post is really intended just for myself and my own accountability. Nothing to see here!

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