Hey There!

Welcome to my site – my name’s Michael and I’ll be your guide to this crazy world of Internet Marketing, Making Money Online and SEO.

I tend to be a no-BS kinda guy – as I’m sure some of you can vouch for. I don’t believe in hyping up garbage for sale, I don’t believe in any scammy crap – there’s enough money to be made in this world without resorting to that kind of nonsense, thanks!

So – a bit about me… where to start.. hmm…

Well – I’m a New Zealand guy, born and raised, I live with my girlfriend in an apartment by the sea. She describes me as being a bit “aspy” (as in Asperger’s syndrome). But.. that’s OK – she likes me anyway!

Ahem. moving on.. I’ve always been into computers – from a young age I got into programming basic, then c, then c++.. then kinda everything after that (yea, I was a bit of a nerd).

Anyway – that lead onto my career as an IT Architect, which I LOVED for years, until I got a bit burned out and threw in the towel.

So here I am!

I’m not your typical IMer – I haven’t come from a sales background, I’ve instead come from a service background, so my passion is more about helping people by creating tools and guides, than is it about writing the best copy.

That said – I am finding it more interesting these days – it’s an acquired skill for sure!

One skill I’ve always had, is to see opportunities where others don’t – even if they aren’t opportunities that are right for me. I feel privileged to have this skill, as it has allowed me to help a lot of people in different ways over the years.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles and other related content – as always, if you want to chat, or if I can help you in any way – get in touch!

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