Is This All Just A Scam?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably new to this whole, Internet Marketing (IM) and Making Money Online (MMO) scene. Either that, or perhaps you’ve been around a while, but haven’t yet succeeded in making any real money online yet.

And now you’re here, wondering if this whole “Making Money Online” thing is just a scam!


Let me see if I can sum up your past if you’re reading this

1) You heard about MMO from a friend, or a video, perhaps you stumbled across a random article that sparked your interest..

2) You bought a product from Warrior Forum, or because of an email you received from a “Guru”

3) You tried the product for a week, without success, and threw in the towel

4) You bought another product from Warrior Forum (or an email)

5) Repeat #3 and #4 a few times…

6) You gave up for a while, then came back.. and continued..

Annoyed at all the failures, you ended up asking yourself “Is this all just a giant scam?”

Sound about right?

Most new marketers make the same basic mistakes – but if you learn from these, you’ll be ahead of the pack.

I’ll start by addressing the elephant in the room, that most marketers don’t want to acknowledge. Yes, there are a lot of scam artists out there. And yes, there are a lot of very poor quality products out there which will NOT make you any money.

But – aside from that, no – it’s not all a scam, in fact.. I’d say the majority of products, and the majority of people, are not out to scam or rip people off.

There is a ton of value out there – and I’d suggest there are two real lessons you should take away from any product purchase you make:


What made you buy this?

This is a very important lesson – you bought something, so either the seller, an affiliate, or both, have made money from the transaction.

I’ll repeat that, they have made money from the transaction.

So, unless what they’re selling is a scam, part of their business is definitely succeeding. You just proved it, right?

What channel did you buy the product through? Did you get sent a presell email? Did you see a banner? Was it recommended by a friend?

All of these channels are channels you can use when you want to start selling products or services of your own. Be it in the IM/MMO niche or any other.. the method is the same.

Even if the product was a bit on the darker side, the same lesson still applies – the combination of great sales copy, preselling, funnel.. etc.. worked on you.

Learn from this. Copy the process and apply it to your own business. It’s proven and it works.


What new information or ideas did you learn from it?

I review a lot of products, and I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two over the years.. That said, almost EVERY single product I review teaches me something new.

Be it some new website to source traffic, a different tool that works better than what I have, or just a plain new idea!

Often, I think the price of a product can be justified by even a single piece of information within it!

Just one new tool, or one new traffic source, or one new method, has the potential to earn me THOUSANDS of dollars.

So what if I already knew 99% of what the latest xyz product taught? That 1% is value to me. And I’m prepared to pay for that value.

Combine this new tidbit of information with your existing knowledge bank.. and you’ll start to come up with some incredible new, hybrid ideas of your own.



Almost every new product teaches me something – either about the sales process, the sales copy, or some neat new trick or idea.

Use all products for ideas that you can use in other parts of your business and keep expanding your knowledge.

After a time, you’ll start putting two and two together and coming up with FRESH new ideas that combine bits and pieces you’ve learned from all over.

Whatever the product creator did to entice you to buy – learn from it, you bought from them, use their techniques to convince others to buy from you.